Our Monthly Barbecue

April to October is our barbecue season. We have a noon barbecue every 2nd Sunday (weather permitting). We get the word out to the entire aviation community, and planes fly in from all over the region. It’s a lot of fun; and the food is really good!

We are using Weber Charcoal Briquettes, which are 100% natural hardwood. Lighter fluid is NOT used to start the fire. The result is great tasting burgers and hot dogs.
The hamburgers are NOT store frozen, but fresh ground beef from the butcher section.
Want it well done? Medium? Just tell the chef.
The grill is NOT scrapped clean with a metal brush; so there's no chance of metal in your food.
We hope you enjoy your meal. Thank you!

Pilot’s concerned about a Presidential TFR can click HERE for a ‘how to’ paper.